Stefan Ostendorf has written an report with many exciting angles from his participation in SBS 2022 with many beautiful and athmospheric pictures.

You can read Stefans report here


Christian Rasmussen's pre-ride 2017 - Skepplana to Kristiansand

It is a major task to organize a 1,200 km brevet for a small handful of volunteers. One of the challenges is the route, and the task and coordination are no less when you pass through three countries as do the S-B-S.

Christian Rasmussen has done his part of job by riding the last 600 km of the route on bike following the route sheets and GPS files posted on this website. The report from Christian is that everything works fine and you should not experience any problems following the instructions at hand.

In addition, Christian has written a very nice report from his solitary trip, beautifully supplemented with pictures. The report can be found in this link (pdf - opens in a new window):

Pre-ride Skepplana to Kristiansand.

On this page you find links to the storys of S-B-S 2013. We want yours as well, so if you have made your ride available to others in words or photos or both, don't hestiate to forward a link to us.

It will be very much appreciated by our vistors. The Webmaster will put your link on the site.

Arthur van der Lee

Søren Flensted Møller
En ven filmede Søren dag 1 / A friend made this of Søren on day 1
Beretning dag 1,2,3,4 / Journal day 1,2,3,4
Og billederne... / And the pictures ...

Elaine Astrue
Beretning og billeder / Journal and pictures

Brendan Puli
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Beretninger og billeder / Journals and pictures

Durrin Hynes
Beretninger og billeder / Journals and pictures

Peter Wöhler
Beretninger og billeder / Journals and pictures

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Birgit Henriksen
Billeder / Pictures

Johnny Christiansen
Beretning og billeder / Journals and pictures


To the right you can scroll through photos from Super Brevet Scandinavia 2009.

As you can see from the pictures, the S-B-S is made of good fellowship at the selected controls and a journey through a beautiful and changing countryside of open fields, forest and the sea.

Randonneurs from many parts of the World have participated in S-B-S. Some arrive with the assumption that the route is rather flat. They are somewhat surprised to discover that Denmark is quite flat, but Sweden and Norway are quite different. The total elevation in S-B-S is close to 10,000 meters: equivalent of P-B-P.

Betty, Mai and Per Solander-Rasmussen was a fantastic support crew of the 2005 and 2009 editions. There is no doubt that it was a major task for three people to follow the participants round Kattegat and Skagerrak to the selected controls at Laholm, Färgelanda and Skien.

Betty and Per wants time for other things now, so others must take over from 2013. As you can see, the ACN recruits volunteers to the support in order to make S-B-S 2013 as good an experience for the participants as before.


To the right you can scroll through photos from Super Brevet Scandinavia 2005.

There were about 35 participants in this brevet, which especially is remembered for the heavy rains that fell from late afternoon the first day and two days ahead.

Last day between Skien and Kristiansand was run in sunny and warm weather and ended with a happy gathering and dinner in the evening before the departure the next day.


To the right you can scroll through photos from Super Brevet Scandinavia 2001.

This ride is remembered for the nice weather with calm winds, good camaraderie and a great support from Johannes and Grethe, Maibrit and Katlyn

Birgit has written a fine report, which you can find by following the link in the left menu on the Danish side.


To the right you can scroll through photos from Super Brevet Scandinavia 1993.

Johannes Kristiansen, Bengt-Göran Olsson, and Øystein Rohlff organized this brevet, which basically followed the same route as the coming edition of 2013.

This was the first edition of S-B-S. There were 14 participants: 8 from Norway, 4 from Sweden, and 2 from Denmark.

Most of the participants were veterans as randonneurs, although this particular kind of cycling was still quite new in Scandinavia.

Robert Lepertel and Suzanne Lepertel, responsible for the foreign participants in P-B-P and the Randonneur 5000, were present at the event, and followed the riders round Denmark, Norway and Sweden by car.