Super Brevet Scandinavia

19 - 22 August 2022.

1200 Km  crossing 2 country borders, through 3 countries and 3 nights along the way.

 Registration has opened on January 10th 2022. 

SBS, which with its profile is an international ride, will again have the participation of many randonneurs from most of the world, based on the preliminary registrations. We therefore look forward to welcoming and meeting all participants for the trip through our 3 Nordic countries in mid-August.

Registrationis finished. We look forward to meet all participants August 19th.


 Please note, that at the start riders must provide proof of being fully vaccinated against Covid 19.


Updated 22-01--2022  CR

Welcome to the homepage of Super Brevet Scandinavia

S-B-S is a long distance cycling event arranged by the audax organizations of Scandinavia, the Audax Clubs Nordiques. It is scheduled every fourth year - next edition in August 2021.

Riding through Sweden

S-B-S starts in Denmark in Hirtshals at the top of Jutland and runs south-east across Zealand to Elsinore, enters Sweden and turns north and finally west to Norway and the finish in Kristiansand. The total distance is 1200 km which must be completed within 90 hours.

The participants must acknowledge regulations similar to the ones applied to legendary Paris-Brest-Paris. It means that S-B-S is not a race, but a 'brevet', which is the French for 'diploma' or 'examination'. Participants are not supposed to regard each other as competitors, but to ride along as individuals or to form groups of suitable paces.

It is only possible to participate through the purchase of a support package. Included are accommodation at the start and finish and at two of the controls in Sweden and at one in Norway. We also supply breakfast, food in the evening, and transportation of one bag between the controls. According to the French rules no support are offered on the route between controls.

The Super Brevet Scandinavia is a unique experience shared among enthusiast of long distance cycling. It is the purpose of this homepage to supply the participants with all the necessary information on the event and to make it possible for them to make their registration.

The S-B-S 2013 marked the 20th anniversary of the event and it was the sixth version of this joint Nordic brevet. We have left all the informations concerning the 2017-edition for you to be able to make an impression of the event. Note the galleries - open and scroll down to explore the slide-shows in the left menu.