Participants must qualify to enter Super Brevet Scandinavia by completing a Super Randonneur in the spring and summer of 2016 OR 2017:

  • 200 km brevet
  • 300 km brevet
  • 400 km brevet
  • 600 km brevet

Medals and brevet cards 

The qualifying brevets must be approved by the Audax Club Parisien. They can be completed wherever it suits the participants, and the order can be arbitrary. Events that qualify may be the following:
  • Brevets registered and approved by the Audax Club Parisen
  • Brevets registered and approved by the national Audax Clubs
  • Permanents the same distance as brevets
  • Other long-distance events (ask the organizers)

Super Brevet Scandinavia can't accommodate an unlimited number of participants. It means that there might be a limitation apart from the qualification itself.

As the registration opens, 25 places are allocated to Danes, 25 places to Swedes, 25 places to Norwegians, while the remaining 25 places are allocated to other nationalities. In the event that quotas are not filled on February 1st 2017, free places will be allocated to participants on the waiting list after the 'first come first served' principle, regardless of nationality.

The organizers would like to point out, that Super Brevet Scandinavia is a demanding test, and that most participants are experienced randonneurs.