o help participants in Super Brevet Scandinavia 2017 we are making a small FAQ.



Bike - Repair and Spare parts

Heides Cykelbutik can help you repair your bike:

Heides Cykelbutik
Farøvej 1 E
9800 Hjørring

+45 98 92 88 00

Drinking water?

You can drink water from the taps in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. You can buy bottled water everywhere.

Please note, that water from the taps on the ferries ARE NOT drinking water.

Ferry - from Kristiansand to Hirtshals?


Boarding pass will be handed out by Birgit/Dorthe at the finish in Kristiansand. Departs from Kristiansand on 22nd of August at 8:30 a.m. with arrival Hirtshals at 10:45 a.m. Tickets are reservered for all participants. Check-in time no later than 7:30 a.m. There is a cafeteria on board.

Participants from Norway have reserved tickets on the 17th of August at 1:30 p.m arriving in Hirtshals at 3:45 p.m. Check-in time at 1.15 p.m. at the entrance of Color Line's Terminal (Colorline and Fjordline occupies the same building). Boarding pass will be handed out by Bjørn O. Sviund.

Ferries - tickets?

Participants have paid for the ferries: Hals-Egense, Aarhus-Odden, Rørvig-Hundested, Elsinore-Helsingborg, Moss-Horten, Kristianssand-Hirtshals (also transport to Denmark on 17th of August if necessary). The tickets for the ferries will be handed out to the participants with the brevetcards before the start. The ferry from Moss to Horten is free for passengers on a bike - so there is no ticket for that crossing.

Ferries - food?

There are cafeterias on the ferries Aarhus-Odden (crossing takes 1 hour and 20 min.); Elsinore-Helsingborg (crossing 20 min.); Moss-Horten (crossing 30 min.); Kristiansand-Hirtshals (crossing 2 hours 15 min.)

Intercity and regional trains?

A shuttle makes transfers from Aalborg Airport to Aalborg (5 km). Trains depart from Aalborg to Hjørring, where you change to the local train to Hirtshals. You must expect a little wait, as timetables between DSB and the local trains don't match.

Local trains between Hjørring and Hirtshals runs twice an hour between 05:25 a.m. and 18:30 p.m. The ticket for the two trains is common. The station in Hjørring is so small that you easily will spot the local train.

Trains run once an hour between Hirtshals and Frederikshavn.


For intercity trains you must buy a speciel ticket for the bike, a seat reservations for you and a place for the bike. Bicycle tickets can not be purchased online.

On regional trains one can't reserve places for bikes, but there are often many spaces for them. You must buy a special ticket for the bike on the regional train.

Airport busses - Aalborg?

You can view information on airport buses at aal.dk/fra-og-til/bustog.

Parking - luggage back to Hirtshals on the 22nd

The support vehicles offers the transportation of drop bags for participants taking the ferry from Kristiansand to the motel in Hirtshals on the 22nd of August at 8:30 a.m.

Parking - where, how long, how much?

There are a couple of good places to park cars during the S-B-S in Hirtshals. The helpers of the support can help you find a parking spot near the motel.

In Kristiansand Bjørn Sviund will be able to help you find a parking spot.

Money - ATMs, ABMs, holes in the walls, do they work in Scandinavia?

You should be able to use your VISA and other credit cards to withdraw cash from banking machines in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. When the card is inserted, you can select your language in most machines; typically English, French, German.

You have to be aware though, that these machines are not placed with the S-B-S in mind - along the route going through the beautiful countryside - they are most common in urban environments.

The experience is, actually, that the individual riding in a group as the only one who haven't arranged for cash beforehand often finds it extremely hard to find a cash machine ... so we still recommend, that you do that and bring the VISA as a back-up.

Money - how much do the others use?

It's very different what the riders use. Some bring food for the first day and save some that way.

Money - what currency can I use?

It is recommended to bring smaller amounts in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian kroner. In some places you can pay with EURO, but you often get a bad rate and change in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian coins. In many places you can pay with VISA, EURO and MASTER Cards. For foreign credit cards fees are often charged. Payment by cash provide faster service, which is an advantage when many riders happens to be together at a control.

Money - what do I need them for?

You need money to buy all meals and drinks between breakfast and dinner, and drinks at the post ride dinner.

Money - how much do I need?

If you do not want to be very stingy or bring food or bars from home, you need approx. 300 Danish, 400 Swedish and 300 Norwegian kroner.

Sunrise / Sunset



















Train and bus - Hirtshals to Frederikshavn?

A train runs from Hirtshals to Frederikshavn once an hour with a shift in Hjørring. Departure Hirtshals minute 35; arrival Hjørring minute 58, departing from Hjørring from the same platform minute 02 and arriving at Frederikshavn minute 31.

Train and bus - Aalborg Airport to Frederikshavn?

There is approx. 5 km from Aalborg Airport to the smaller Lindholm Station (north of Aalborg) Trains run at 27 minute once an hour to Frederikshavn.

Hostels - Hotels?

If you come before the 17th and depart after the 22nd of August there are several good hostels and hotels in the area; Aalborg, Frederikshavn, Sæby, Hirtshals, Lønstrup. You can begin here: